Puppy Training

I became passionate about dog training while volunteering at an animal shelter and seeing young adolescent dogs being surrendered because their owners were not able or skilled enough to properly socialize and train their dogs.  The key to a successful partnership is prevention rather than problem solving later.  My expertise is in puppy socialization and training as well as loose leash walking.

Training Methods

My training isn't so much about teaching verbal obedience commands rather more about teaching the owners about canine body language, the importance of socialization and habituation, impulse control and preventing unwanted behaviors before they begin. Once you understand your dog's body language, you will be able to use your energy to communicate more effectively and create a stronger bond.  

Training a behaviour just for the sake of the behaviour doesn't improve your life with your dog; living your training does.

I will show you the best toys, equipment and products for your puppy, which will help eliminate unnecessary and harmful purchases.

As well as in-house training, I also use articles and YouTube from world class trainers to assist in the learning experience.

I use positive reinforcement, which includes food and toy reinforcements.


An adult dog's temperament and behavioural habits, both good and bad, are shaped during very early puppyhood.  The critical socialization period begins to close at 12 weeks of age.  Socializing does not mean indiscriminately dragging your pup around to new locations or having strangers walk up and invasively pet her/him.  Proper socialization is about setting the pup up for success and introducing her/him to each new situation in such a manner that they won't be afraid.  The goal is to build confidence. We have a list of over 100 items to socialize a puppy to.  If that is overwhelming to you, let us do it!  It is second nature to me.

Loose Leash Walking

I have been walking dogs over 80 kilometres a week for many years now and have become skilled at loose leash walking.  Let me teach your dog how to walk loosely on a leash and start enjoying this bonding experience for what it should be.


A complimentary phone consult will allow us to know if we are a good fit.  

Consult of 1.5 hours is $65.00 and follow-up sessions are $50.00.