About Us

Our Social Dogs

Hi, I am Leslie Slepkov. I started Our Social Dogs in Aurora, Ontario in 2011.

I am passionate about helping owners care for their animal's overall wellbeing and quality of life.  

My mission is to help pet owners create a strong relationship with their dog through socialization and exercise so their dog develops into a safe, happy and cherished pet to ensure their first home is their forever home.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and regularly attend seminars to continue my education.  

I am bonded, insured and certified in pet first aid.


Dog Walking

You benefit by having a dog trainer as your walker ensuring that your dog receives training throughout each walk.  As the pet owner, you'll receive timely feedback on how your dog is doing as well!

Puppy Training

Dr. Ian Dunbar states, "proper socialization and habituation is the single smartest investment that you can make in your dog and the biggest factor, regardless of breed, whether your puppy will develop into a well mannered good natured dog or a doggy delinquent."

Loose Leash Walking

If you walked your dog twice a day for 10 years that would be 7,300 walks you either love or dread.  Let me teach you how to loose leash walk so that each outing becomes enjoyable for both you and your dog. Your relationship will flourish!

Pet Sitting

We offer dog sitting to our regular dog walking clients.  We also do cat sitting in your home.


It is best that we discuss your individual pets needs in order to provide the best pricing.  Starting rates have been included at the bottom of each service description.


Most people do not know how to properly socialize a puppy and find it overwhelming.  Let me socialize your puppy before it is 16 weeks old.  I am also able to socialize your dog through the occasional semi-private walk.