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Dog Walking In Aurora

As a certified trainer, I always have my training cap on.  Therefore your dog will be reinforced for good behavior and not for any unwanted behaviors.  We will practice calmly getting their leash on, waiting politely at the door, walking through the door nicely, waiting while their waste is collected and walking nicely on the lead.  A proper walk can be a mental exercise as well as physical.  They will still have fun, possibly walk with a friend while being under control and safe at all times.

Service Area -- 15 minutes from  down town Aurora.

Walks are private or semiprivate.

During our free consultation, which takes approximately one hour, we will thoroughly discuss the needs of your pet and any concerns you may have.  Such as training, likes/dislikes, allergies, temperament, time home alone, required exercise, behaviours, equipment used, layout of the house, medical history, veterinary, socializing with other dogs, etc..

Rates start at $18.00 and increase based on the length of walk or if additional training is required.  

Dog walks can be daily, every other day or even just weekly.  I can be flexible  with your schedule.

Service area is 15 minutes from Yonge and Wellington in Aurora.