Our Social Dogs is Aurora's Newest Premiere Pet Service

My name is Leslie Slepkov and I am the owner of Our Social Dogs.


The prime motivator for starting this business was volunteering and visiting shelters and seeing young adolescent dogs between 6 months and 2 1/2 years of age being surrendered because they were not properly socialized, trained and exercised. Most people have the best of intentions when getting a puppy or a dog, but do not have the knowledge and skills readily at hand to properly socialize and habituate a puppy before the socialization period closes btw 12 - 16 weeks.

Our mission is to help pet owners create a strong relationship with their dog through proper socialization, training and exercise so their dog develops into a safe, happy and cherished pet so their first home is their forever home!

We have a variety of services to help busy pet parents.

Puppy Training:  Socialization/Habituation and Obedience Training.

Dr. Ian Dunbar states, “proper socialization and habituation is the single smartest investment that you can make in your dog and the biggest factor, regardless of breed, whether your puppy will develop into a well mannered good natured dog or a doggy delinquent". Let me socialize your puppy or rescue dog, or we can teach you how to, before their socialization window closes at 16 weeks old. We have a socialization and habituate checklist of over 100 items.

Dog Walking:

 I offer customized private and semiprivate dog walks as no two owners or pets are the same.  

Pet Sitting:

Most pets adjust better to their owner's being away and experience less stress and anxiety when they remain in their own home. For regular dog walking clients I provide 4 daily visits to your home and or overnight stays.

Loose Leash Walking 

If you walked your dog twice a day for 10 years that would be 7,300 walks that you could either dread or enjoy.  Let us teach you how to loose leash walk your dog so you will love walking and you both and your dog willl get a great workout!  A big benefit to including your dog in your fitness routine is that a well exercised dog is a tired dog and a tired dog is a good dog!