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Leslie has been absolutely wonderful for my 2 year old Labrador retriever Jango.  She is a very special person who has an amazing natural affinity for dogs – Jango just loves her!    Leslie is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, care and training, and is generous about sharing her knowledge. 

When Jango got sprayed by a skunked a few weeks ago, Leslie came to the rescue by buying the right products and coming right over and spending two hours helping to de-skunk him.   What a life safer!

As my work schedule can change daily, I often have to call her at the last minute to help with Jango, and I am very grateful that she always finds a way to fit us in.

Leslie is truly devoted to the well-being of animals.  It is fabulous that when she looks after Jango, she balances the visits with a structured walk, some fun play with the soccer ball, mind games, and then some cuddling.  She has the expertise and energy to look after a young, strong dog, and is also tremendously cautious about his safety, so I trust her completely.  

I can’t praise Leslie enough, and we feel very lucky to have found her!

Thanks Leslie for everything, from Jango and me.

Bonnie Kraft, Aurora

Dear Leslie, How will I ever be able to thank you!! You are changing my entire life! You have found the most perfect way to enjoy your two passions...your love of dogs and your love of fitness!

You make this even better by sharing your knowledge and skills with people like me who need that extra boost. You have got me outside and enjoying fitness...not an easy thing to do! I appreciate that you have listened to all of my fears...my worries...and my aches and pains. You have put together a wonderful program for me...one that I have fun doing and truly never thought I would. I love the upper and lower body exercise that you have incorporated into our walks in the forest. Who knew that tubing could be so adaptable...effective...beneficial...and also inexpensive!!

For me that is the ticket. I always viewed fitness as something that had to be done, just to get it done. You have shown me that it can be fun and that I can even look forward to it...that it can be a precious time of day....that it is special and just for me. I also appreciate your words of encouragement....your phone calls to see how I am feeling the next day....your good advice on how to quiet down my sore left knee....your ability to make me feel that even though my best is still not up to where it should be....I am out there and doing the right thing for myself with your patience and excellent instruction.

I love the one-on-one attention....I really feel that you absolutely understand. I appreciate you helping me set short and long term goals.....all of it is achievable and all of it will help me live a longer and happier life!!! When you said to me “Doing it gets rid of the fear”, you struck a cord deep within. You are absolutely right. These six words mean the world to me....because I can now see that fear was one of the stumbling blocks and you have helped me overcome it.

Thank you Leslie for sharing your passions.....for getting me back on track....for making it a pleasure to get outside and do the right thing. Keep up your excellent work...the world needs you and your message of fitness and good health!!

With best wishes,

Linda Zendel

My dog Kelly is 16 years old and, although she is healthy, she is a senior and has mobility problems and difficulty hearing and seeing.  I was starting a new job with heavy hours and my son who normally helps look after Kelly was going to be away for a couple of months working out of town. 

I needed help and Leslie came to my home for a couple of hours every day, even though the visit was to be an hour. Leslie also accommodated our ever changing schedule with no problems so I was able to concentrate on my new job without worrying about my dog being home alone.   

Leslie worked with Kelly to keep her active and engaged in activities suitable for her age abilities.  I am grateful that Leslie was able to ensure Kelly continued to have a great quality of life even as she faced many age-related issues.

Leslie continues to check in on Kelly on a regular basis and brings along a friend for companionship. It is clear that Leslie truly loves my dog as her own.

Carol Anne Earle  

Stella and I would like to thank you for improving our walks. I have always been a person who loves to walk my dog. I always thought the walk was 'all about the dog' and so I would let my dog Stella stop and smell everything in sight. Through your training, I realized that I was doing both of us a disservice by not getting any real exercise out of our walks. I learned that Stella needs a vigorous walk just as much as I do. Wearing the heart rate monitor and walking vigorously was very energizing and fulfilling. I love feeling like Stella and I both had a work out. The great part is that we can walk for exercise some of the time and other times we can saunter along so that Stella can sniff to her heart's content.

We can have it both ways! Leslie, you challenged me physically and you challenged me to have higher expectations for my dog. I learned about the importance of getting my heart rate to the right level. I also learned how to have a dog that does not stop to smell everything and will walk beside me. I look forward to continuing to improve my endurance and stamina as well as Stella's on leash walking.

Thank you so much Leslie, you have improved our walks and our health dramatically.


Erin & Stella Hancock 

Nine months ago we adopted a wonderful "rescue" dog named Sonny. We didn't have a lot of information about his background so we found that there were some behavioral issues.

Leslie has answered all our questions, provided advice and articles to assist us and worked with Sonny one on one to leach train him and also teach him other basic commands. She has also tutored my husband and me on how to use these commands to control some of his behaviors and continue Sonny's training.

It is obvious that Leslie has a genuine love for animals. She is firm with Sonny so that he learns, but does this with patience and gentleness. Leslie's expertise and positive techniques make her a wonderful trainer.

Thank you for all your help.

Wendy Challacombe

I have a four year old Portuguese Water Dog, Maggie, who is very energetic, territorial and, unfortunately, an excessive barker.  As much as I adore her, she can be a handful at times.  I have retained Leslie to assist with Maggie's training and have been very pleased with the results.  Leslie has also walked Maggie and cared for my two cats on many occasions. 

Leslie is wonderful with all my pets: she is reliable, patient, kind and caring.  In fact, I thought I was an animal lover until I met Leslie Slepkov.  I have no reservations about leaving my pets in Leslie's care.

Marilyn Farrell 

Leslie is an extremely competent, reliable and loving caregiver to my black Lab, Kali. She has looked after her for me several times over the last 2 years and in all occasions I was thoroughly satisfied with her care.

Leslie takes her work very seriously, monitors Kali closely, and provides me with updates during my absence and a final report when I return. I trust Leslie 100% to give my dog the best possible care. You will not be disappointed.

Catherine Bonnett

Leslie thank you so much for helping me become a better rider. Our training sessions have strengthened my legs and I have more confidence that I will be staying on the horse! This confidence has helped me improve my riding.

I enjoy the fact that the work outs are different each time to relieve boredom and that I am learning how to workout as you explain important concepts as we go along.  This added strength will also help me with my landscaping business and provide me with more energy, strength and stamina which will reduce the chance of over use injuries.  On top of that, it was surprisingly fun and enjoyable.

You really changed my attitude about exercise and gave me a life skill.  

Thanks so much

Melanie Page

Thank you so much Leslie for taking such excellent care of Sophie in your home when we have asked you to. Since you now know how easy Sophie gets along with your pets, by having her stay with you I truly get to enjoy my holiday all the while having peace of mind that she is taken care of so well.

This peace of mind is priceless since she comes home groomed, happy, tired, content and healthy. Thank you again for helping us detox her as well since we are now able to identify what foods she is allergic to as a result. 

By the way, she is getting more and more confident around larger dogs thanks to your socializing her as you (and your own pets) have.   

Thanks again for your special care of Sophie.

Lori Neal

Leslie, I am grateful I found you when I needed help with my large rescue dogs after breaking my ankle.  It has worked out so well that I will continue to use your services in the future even when I am able to get out and walk.  You love my dogs as your own and you took the time to build a relationship with each of them and as a result they immediately know you, and continue love and trust you too. 

I also like your specialized services. From past experience, you have the ability to read their body language. Your knowledge of walking tools/techniques, handling dogs in and out of a pack, as well as your simple training and use of socialization skills is great. Then there are the extra services such as cleaning up the yard each day, staying longer if a dog isn't feeling well, and constantly updating me on important issues sets you apart from other dog walking companies.

But most importantly, thank you for the peace of mind which is priceless.


Helen Hatton

This letter is written to provide a recommendation for Our Social Dogs, which is owned and operated by Leslie Slepkov.  My family and I have had the pleasure of using the services provided by Ms. Slepkov for many months now. As our son moved away to University, and owning two very energetic dogs, Winston and Brady, we needed to ensure that they were well cared for during our absence while we were both at work.

While in Leslie’s care our dogs are walked, played with, and stimulated mentally through fun games and puzzles. Through her obedience training she has quickly been able to rid them both of a few nasty habits, like swarming company as they arrive at the front door and jumping up to greet. This can be quite disconcerning to little ones. They were both unruly to walk together and she has taught them to walk nicely and greet, not growl at other dogs along the way. What a pleasant change to our household.

Leslie always ensures that our dogs are clean upon their return from their daily jaunts and that their water bowls are full. Leslie is a warm, fun loving and caring animal lover and it is our pleasure to welcome her into our home. She always conducts herself in a professional manner and is dedicated to the well being of our dogs.

Carolyn Campbell

Leslie Slepkov of Our Social Dogs is a professional in every sense of the word. When I interviewed her about dog sitting for my two dogs I was impressed with her thoroughness and her love of dogs.

She had pages and pages of questions about my dogs, our routine and expectations that I had and that she had. She asked me questions I had never thought about!

My dogs took to her immediately. After each visit she leaves me a detailed note about her time with the dogs. She truly cares about them and has even thanked me for letting her spend time with them!

I would definitely recommend Leslie to anyone who wanted a professional dog sitter that will take care of your pets like her very own.   

Annette Schmidt

Where do we even start, Leslie Slepkov has been a huge ongoing help with our two Golden Retrievers, Hogan and Cooper. 

Sometimes with a young family there just isn't the time or energy left over to attend to our boys energetic wants and needs  but with Leslie around we know they are receiving exactly what they need and deserve. She has rescued us with very short notice is extremely reliable, and is without a doubt a dog expert. 

We would highly recommend her tender loving and caring services to our friends and family.

Thank you Leslie,

Kate, Craig, Alex, Blake Hogan & Cooper

Following an unfortunate incident with another dog while out walking in our neighbourhood, I acted upon the referral from a friend, for a dog trainer, for our dog Border Terrier She referred me to Leslie Slepkov and her list of services on www.OurSocialDogs.com

It was one of the best referrals I have ever received. 

Leslie quickly assessed our dogs needs both at home and out on leash.  She provided excellent positive reinforcement training for the dog and provided in-session training with my family. Within a very short period of time we have noted a huge improvement in his anxiety and behaviour.  His behaviour at home, meeting other people, dealing with intrusions (e.g. trucks, bicycles etc on the street), and simply being out on walks is returning to an "improved normal".  He is a much happier dog.

We were also very pleased with Leslie's dog sitting service. Leslie looked after our dog at home over the Thanksgiving weekend (October 2011).  Prior to using this "at-home" service, we have used traditional kennel services.  This is the first time we have been away where I have not found myself worrying about how the dog was doing.  She spent quality time with our boy ensuring his safety,  comfort and combined active training into her visits.  This is the first time we did not return home to a dog in need of medical care and/or overstressed behaviour.

When you meet Leslie, you instantly sense her love of dogs and her passion for her business choice.  Her list of services is comprehensive and she is willing to put in the time to assess and address client needs.  Her reports are thorough and her follow-up is excellent.

This is a quality service and one that I will definitely continue to use in the future.


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service provided by your company – by you – to date.

Upon meeting you, the passion you have for your business is immediate. The time invested to determine if the match between yourself and my dog Jackson would be a good one was so much appreciated. Your professional, yet personable manner enabled me to draw on the knowledge and experience you have as a pet care specialist while observing the natural interaction between yourself and Jackson.

Now, almost one year later, you continue to impress. Calls placed to book visits are returned promptly but never during your walk/visits with an alternate client. This assures that when you are visiting Jackson he will receive the same priority focus.

Jackson’s good behaviour, combined with the highlights of your visits you so thoughtfully scribe prior to leaving, provide peace of mind that we have made the right choice in securing the services of Our Social Dogs.

It is a privilege to recommend your company – recommend you – to other pet owners in need of exceptional care for their beloved (and furry!) family members!

Kate Collins