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Loose Leash Walking

If you walked your dog twice a day for 10 years that would be 7,300 outings you could either dread or love. Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, sniff every bush, pull you to where he/she wants to go? We would like to help making these walks enjoyable for both you and your dog.   Let us teach you how to loose leash walk your dog! This can be taught in one to four sessions depending on where you and your dog are currently at.


Learning to loose leash walk properly is like learning to dance as seen on Dancing With Stars.

We will help you choose the right accessories -- (leash, harness, collar etc.) and take you and your dog through the dog walking process.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. Robert Kushner’s book, Fitness Unleashed, A Dog and Owners Guide To Losing Weight and Gaining Health Together.

As both humans and their dogs become more and more out of shape, we experience similar health concerns. Over weight dogs have to cope with the same health implications that overweight people do, but they cope with them sooner and with more potential ill effects. Dogs don’t have the luxury of long lives to cushion the complications of weight gain. For many people the best personal trainer or piece of fitness equipment is standing at your feet--your best friend. Your four legged workout partner, won’t let you down. He won’t forget about the workout, loose track of time, get stuck in traffic or decline your workout because he is tired or it is raining out. If you keep your walks on a fairly regular routine your four footed exercise machine will seek you out to remind you of your work out. Walking friends come and go as they can easily cancel a workout with a text or email, but dogs can be remarkably insistent on getting their scheduled walks. There is nothing like the unrelenting, impatience of a dog to tell you there is no time like the present. Now means now. It actually surprises people how painless and organic a dog walking routine really is.”

American College of Sports Medicine:

Of all the different pieces of exercise equipment that you can use for your health, a pair of comfortable shoes, a leash for your dog, and, of course, your dog, are the very best. That’s all you need to get started to enhance both your health and that of your pet. Your love for you pet can be your motivation to be more active.” 

--Carl Foster, PHD, President

American Council on Exercise:

Walking is arguably the most popular physical activity in the United States and for good reason. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, joint friendly, and can be well tolerated by virtually everyone. A consistent walking habit conditions your heart, strengthens your bones and muscles, elevates your mood, improves yours mental outlook, and reduces your risk for a variety of chronic diseases. In Fitness Unleashed, the authors offer the perfect remedy of the individual lacking motivation: exercise with a partner-- a four legged one, your dog.”

--Cedric X Bryant PHD, Chief Exercise Physiologist.