Our Social Dogs is Aurora's Newest Premiere Pet Service

Dog Walking & Sitting:

Since no two owners or pets are the same, I offer customized private and semiprivate walks.  Prices are customized as well and vary depending on length of walk and frequency.   I invoice at the end of the month based on the various lengths of walks/visits your pet received during the month.  You may need a variety of walks including a last minute potty break, an overnight, a long visit because a commitment has you away from home, a shorter walk due to your pets health or bad weather, or a longer outing with some training and or play date with a suitable friend.   

Services We Can Customize For You:

  • Private and Semi Private Dog Walking.
  • Yard Clean Up.
  • Loose Leash Walking.

Private & Semi Private Dog Walking:

Private and semi private dog walks can be of various lengths that you design to best fit the needs of your pet(s). This could consist of a walk/jog, ball/frisbee play in the yard, a walk with obedience or clicker training, a stroll in the park or a simple potty break to let your pet(s) relieve themselves.  I promote loose leash walking and provide fresh water and general grooming upon return.  If you wish, I can teach your dog some obedience commands or tricks through clicker training in order to stimulate their minds and tire them out mentally. Your dog(s) will be exercised both mentally and physically.  I will leave a detailed note or text you details of the visit. If you have a puppy, the visit can include socialization, please refer to my socialization services.

Dog Walking/Visits Pricing:  

Please call to discuss pricing as your needs are unique.

Professional Pet Sitting: For our regular clients.

For regular clients I provide pet sitting as the pets and I will already have a relationship and therefore the humans and the pets will feel save, content and happy. Most pets adjust better to their owner's being away and experience less stress and anxiety when they remain in their own home.  I offer 3 to 4 daily visits to your home and/or overnight stays.  I will help you organize the best care for your pets, that could include a mix of some time in their home, part time in my home or perhaps you have a family member staying in your home but your dog still needs to be walked.  We will make it work for you and your pet.