Our Social Dogs is Aurora's Newest Premiere Pet Service

About Me


Hi my name is Leslie Slepkov and I am the owner of Our Social Dogs that is located in Aurora, Ontario.   I live in Aurora, Ontario with my husband, Mackenzie a 6 year old Border Collie cross, Jess a 10 year old Coonhound cross, Emma a 12 year old tabby, and Portia a 4 year old domestic cat with Cerebellum Hypoplasmia who can't walk.  I am a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). My mission is to help owners create a strong healthy relationship with their pets through socialization, training and exercise so they develop into safe, happy and cherished pets making their first home their forever home! 

I am certified, bonded, insured and have pet first aid training.

Our Pets


Keaton passed away at 10 1/2 this past Feb from liver failure and is greatly missed.   She was a German Spaniel and the happiest dog I knew. 


Mackenzie is our 6 year old rescue Border Collie cross.  She loves every one kids, adults, dogs and cats and helps socialize many clients.

Klien and Emma

Emma is a sweet 12 year old tabby.